Case Studies in Cabin Building by Our Visitors
 Others are doing it and tell us how!


        From time to time, people email us to share their experiences in building cabins large and small.  We have a special fondness for small cabins and believe that anyone interested in cabin building should start by building a smaller cabin.  You are invited to submit information or pictures for this site. 


Questions and Answers on Mini-Cabin building by Bob the Cabin Boy
"Bob the Cabin Boy" is, of course, an alias.  Bob is concerned lest the homeowners associated where he has built his mini cabin should decide that mini cabins are not in keeping with the hoity-toity lifestyle of his fellow association members.  Bob writes very well and has research the subject of zoning requirements for small buildings rather well.

Letter from a Visitor
          - Here is a nice letter we got from a visitor who took the mini-cabin concept one-step smaller!  He built an 8 x 8 cabin, which he thinks serves his purpose just fine.  His suggestion for a small cooking and heating stove may be very useful to other would be cabin builders. His name is withheld per his request.