Jim, I finally got a chance to use my mini I built last fall.  It is 8x8 (approx) with a gable roof, one window (doesn't open), and a bed, two chairs, card table, and a wood stove.  The wood stove is used to heat ice fishing shacks and works great, tiny, and light.  I got it from northern tool, an outfit in Minnesota and was only about $40.  Anyway, your average person does not understand why someone might want to spend a night in the woods in a tiny shed.  I parked my car along the road and walked back to my mini, which is across a creek with no bridge access (my choice to keep kids out).  At 4 am my dog gave a low bark, woke up and looked out my window, there behind my car on the road was a sheriffs vehicle with lights flashing, sure enough next thing here comes a flashlight bouncing up and down through the woods with the local constabulary right behind.  After much crashing around he managed to get across the creek (one foot went in the water), came up on the bank and approached the shed.  I opened the door, standing in my underwear, waved my flashlight, and called unagressively "I'm over here" on which he approached, looked me over, I informed him I owned the property and appreciated his keeping an eye on things for me.  He was quite apologetic for waking me, said something about wanting to see if there were kids "partying" back here.  It might be a good idea to inform other mini owners that they should appraise the local sheriff’s office of what they will be doing so that puzzled officers don't roust them out of bed at 4 am to see why they might be sleeping in a "shed".  To those not understanding the simple life philosophy, we might appear a bit more sinister, like the Unabomber or who knows what else.