Doctor Tandy's First Guide To

Life Extension And Transhumanity


Charles Tandy, Ph.D.





Dr. Tandy and nine additional contributors introduce the reader to the world of the twentyfirst century and beyond.

Topics include:

        Dietary Supplements And Your Health

        Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, And Health Extension

        Transhumanism, Transmortality, And The Singularity

        O'Neill Space Settlements

        Futurists As Wishful Dreamers

        Cryonic Hibernation And Personal Identity

        The Scientific Quest For A Universal Resurrection Of All Dead Persons

        Books Related To Life Extension And Transhumanity

        Websites Related To Life Extension And Transhumanity

       World War 3, The September 2001 Terrorist Attacks, And Our Responsibilities To Transhumanity



Dr. Charles Tandy received his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education from the University of Missouri at Columbia (USA) before becoming a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University (USA). Presently Dr. Tandy is Associate Professor of Humanities, and Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Philosophic Studies, at the Fooyin Institute of Technology (Taiwan).

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