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Traditional Motto of Switzerland:
"Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro Uno(Latin)
"One for all, all for one"



The International Coordinator of Cryonics Switzerland is:

Franco Cortese <http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/bio/cortese/>.



The Swiss Hospice Option


Charles Tandy, Ph.D.




      If you are terminally ill and in Switzerland, whether you are a citizen of Switzerland or not, you are legally permitted to end your own life.Such an event of choice can be arranged with one of the Swiss organizations already actively providing such hospice space and assistance, including pronouncement of legal death. In conjunction with the above facts, I suggest that one consider the following possibility as an additional option for inclusion in one's cryonics contract: At the point of legal death, a cryonic-hibernation team would immediately in Switzerland begin the cryonics procedure under optimal conditions as distinguished from the sometimes expensive or unpredictable or suboptimal conditions associated with cryonics stand-by.


How Much Would It Cost?


      For an American, how much would the Swiss Hospice Option cost? Here are the numbers (rough estimates) in round figures (United States Dollars):


(A.) Basic Cryonics Institute <www.cryonics.org> cryonics coverage, including long-term storage: $30,000.   


(B.) Cryonics Institute shipment of body from Switzerland to the Cryonics Institute: $15,000.


(C.) Swiss hospice space and assistance to legally end one’s own life, including legal pronouncement of death – via Dignitas of Switzerland <www.dignitas.ch>: $13,000.


(D.) Cryonic-hibernation team and services in Switzerland (round-trip plane tickets, 5 days luxury room-board-transportation, etc.): $30,000.


> This adds up to: $88,000.


Additional Comments


      How doable is this? Consider the following:


(A.) and (B.) have already been available for years from the Cryonics Institute.


(C.) has already been available for years from Dignitas of Switzerland. ("Please note that DIGNITAS is unable to arrange an accompanied suicide for healthy people or people with a mental illness or psychological problems; the Swiss legal and medical situation is not yet sufficiently positive on this.")


(D.) has not previously been available to my knowledge, but I believe it is imminently doable: The $30,000 figure used here is my own estimate, not that of the Cryonics Institute or Dignitas.


      You may want to have this option in place for you and your loved ones in order to cover the possibility that a terminal illness may strike. It is best to put the option in your contract, along with OTHER options, while you are still in good health and before you are terminally ill! Thus, if indeed you DO subsequently become terminally ill, the Swiss Hospice Option may save you and your loved ones from financial crisis, physical pain, mental distress, and perplexing choices. (Also one may think about medical costs/medical insurance and about death costs/life insurance as parts of the total picture that you or your insurance should take into consideration.) The Swiss Hospice Option makes sense to me.


      With this in mind, perhaps we should also attempt to locate cryonicists in Switzerland and help them set up Cryonics Switzerland as a cryonics support group. Whether or not you live in Switzerland, would you be willing to help found and support Cryonics Switzerland? What do you think?






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[20 November 2013]